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About Us

The beginning of something special

Fast and Fresh Sdn. Bhd. (797125-H) was launched as a seedling idea in early 2012. According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten new businesses fail in the first eighteen months; so now years later, Love.com.my has shown itself to have grown from a fledgling plant to strong and proud sapling that promises to grow and grow as the years come, putting out boughs of beautiful flowers among its leaves, pink petals spreading romance where they fall.
Continuing the foliage analogies, while our current product lines are somewhat limited in variation, we intend to increase the varieties and services offered in a way that’s not only affordable to but represents the hip yet elegant, understated yet attractive people of the Klang Valley.
We hope you will come to think of love.com.my as a digital meeting place, a tree under which friends and lovers can congregate, providing you with flowers and gifts with which we show our fondness, with which we show our sincerity. Think community. Think Love. Think ‘I do’.


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