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Answers to your often-asked questions.

1. What is is an ever-growing website. It is currently fed with our everyday life - our stories and our crafts - before it matures into a full-grown love community site. Hence, in the beginning, our main priority is to feed it with tangible bits - our floral craft.

2. When will the products be delivered if I buy on a particular day?
We provide 24-hour delivery services everyday including all public holidays. Generally, we will be able to deliver your product within 2 hours from your order finalisation. However, if it ss very rushed and needs to be delivered within one hour, you have to use our express delivery service provided it is less than 30km from our hubs and a RM50.00 surcharge is imposed. 

3. Why is your flowers more affordable than others?
There are four (4) reasons why our flowers are more affordable than others. Firstly, we grow our own flowers, ie we are also farmers. Secondly, we do not spend a single cent on mass marketing (billboards, bus stop ads, newspapers and TVs). Thirdly, we do not waste money in printing brochures and product catalogues, you can get everything you need from our website 24-7, fully updated. Lastly, all the money we save will be used to reduce the cost of your purchase as we believe that the act of giving should not come at a high price.

4. What other services do you offer?
We are adding more and more products daily to our ever growing website. We will try our best to accomodate your special and specific request, please do not be afraid to tell us what's in your mind, everything will be kept private and confidential.

5. Who do I call if my flower is not delivered on time?
You can use our Real Time Order Tracking system by keying in your email and a serial code provided to you when you place an order or give us a call at our hotline 03-2272 2002 to check with us whether our flower delivery person has has encountered difficulty to deliver punctually. Late deliveries are exceptions rather than the norm.

6. How do I make the payment for the flowers that I have ordered?
We accept Visa/MasterCard credit card, Maybank2U, CIMBClicks & Public Bank. Cheques are acceptable for business/corporates clients. Please refer to our Payment Page for further information.

7. My first impression on your URL was the website will be filled with love-related stories or a community site. Why is it not so?
Having a domain name called is a daunting task. The scope that LOVE covers is from one end of a rainbow spectrum to the other - it is endless. So we thought we need to begin somewhere. We thought of Valentine's Day. It's the celebration for lovers worldwide. Thus the flowers came in sight. Please be patient, give us time, we will surprise you later!

8. What is product substitution?
Product design may vary and product might not be available in certain outstation location and we at reserves the right to substitute with another product of the value.

9. Refund Policy
If your order was unsatisfactory, you may request a refund by submitting a claim within two businessdays after the delivery date. Please submit your claim to In case of quality issues, after submitting the claim, our customer service agents will request that you send a digital picture of the delivered product.

10. Cancellation Policy
Once a payment is made, the order becomes strictly non-cancellable. This is due to the perishable nature of the products.  Only in rare and exceptional case, for example, the customer place the order one week in advance of the delivery date, and cancellation is made 3 days before delivery date. Even this is subject to a minimum handling fee of RM10 per order. Cancellation is strictly not possible during peak season like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc.

11. Return Policy

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee (from received date) for defective/non-perishable products. Email your intent for a product return to Once we’ve confirmed the defect and approved your return request, please ship the product(s) back to us on your own cost and we’ll deliver you the replacement product(s) within 10 – 15 working days.

To return your products, please send the whole product(s) back with its original packaging to our business address.

Conversion rates FAQs.

1. What does WP denote at the front of the billing details?
Love Florist Sdn. Bhd. chooses WorldPay (WP) International as our Internet Gateway Security Payment Provider. WorldPay is one the the most reputable companies in the world when it comes to Internet Commerce so naturally chooses the most reliable company to safeguard our customers sensitive credit card details. Worldpay is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. For more on Worldpay please visit their website:

2. Why does Love Florist Sdn. Bhd. bill in USD for Credit Card? website publishes two prices in RM and USD. The RM is used for easy comparison tailored made for Malaysian customers to facilitate the purchasing decision making process and USD is used for billing purposes. USD is used because it is the reference point when it comes to International foreign exchange rate conversion. RM is not used because RM is not a valid currency outside Malaysia and international remittance is not possible in RM.

3. Why is there a difference in conversion rate compared to my credit card provider conversion rate? conversion rate is based on the average interbank exchange rate for the said currency. This rate is provided by the number one exchange rate website: . This rate may be slightly different (approx 1-3%) compared to the rate your bank charges you as your bank will make a slight conversion commission out of every converted currency transaction. revises this rate every month.

4. Does gain anything from the conversion difference?
No, does not gain anything out of the conversion rates. In fact, is also charged a conversion commission when the USD is converted to RM in Malaysia bank account, this rate would be around 1-2%. On top of that pays an additional 5-5.5% credit card commission for each transaction. In total, pays approximately 7-8% of the value of your order to facilitate the safe processing of your transaction.

5. Why does choose to bear so much additional cost (7%) compared to a conventional retail transaction (2%)?
The reason is because believes in using the most reputable payment processing to protect our customer's sensitive credit card information. will not sacrifice this principle under any commercial circumstances. We will consider using a local bank one day when we find their internet security and functionality is acceptable under normal international best practices. At the moment, we don't think they offer as much protection as WorldPay.



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